The University of Southampton

The cybersecurity academy together with Boeing held a workshop on Hardware Security Threats and Defences on 9 July and was hosted by Dr Basel Halak. This workshop was a great opportunity where the students can learn about the latest research challenges in this area. It was held in a covid secure environment where all the students were escorted inside B59 and only allowed to take off their masks when they sat on their computers. 

At the start of the event, Dr Basel Halak delivered a lecture on recent advancements in the field of hardware security highlighting research and career opportunities in this area. This was followed by presentations of PhD students showcasing their latest results.  Dr Ahmad Atamli was a guest speaker on the principles of trusted computing.  In the afternoon session, t, participants were challenged to a game of CIST, a game that was developed by our PhD student Mr Stephen Hart for Hardware Security Education. The winner was awarded their own experimental device from Chipwhisperer, and the runner up received a copy of Dr Halak's lasted book on authentication of embedded devices. 

For more information on the ongoing research and opportunities in this area at the University of Southampton, please read this blog or contact Dr Basel Halak.