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Continued Professional Development

Cyber Laboratory

Cyber Security for Key Decision Makers
provides a round overview of cyber security and cyber risk for the top executives who are called to make cyber-related decisions in their companies.

Foundations of Cyber Security
aimed mainly at computer scientists and engineers with no systematic body of knowledge of cyber security, it delivers a wide-spectrum, comprehensive programme covering the key aspects of cyber security.

Programming blockchains
aimed at software designers, engineers and developers, it provides hands-on training to programme both public blockchains (like Ethereum) and private blockchains (like HyperLedger).

Creative thinking
drives the audience through the necessary steps and relative techniques to bridge the gap between the conception of a research idea, to the formulation, critique and presentation of a coherent research plan.

Data protection and the GDPR
covers the basics of data protection law, state-of-the- art privacy protection techniques, best practices for data protection risk assessments and personal data governance within organisations.

Defensive programming
illustrates the best modern programming techniques to leverage current hardware security features and produce robust and hacking-resistant code.

Penetration testing
covers the main techniques for penetration testing, with particular focus on reverse engineering the protection of web-based systems.

Continued Professional Development

Professor Vladimiro Sassone is the Roke/RAEng
Research Chair in cyber security, and the University’s Cyber Security Research Director. The Academy is actively seeking new members from a range of industrial sectors.

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